My name is Dave Agusta from Twin Falls. Dr Humphrey performed a reverse shoulder replacement on my right shoulder in September 2019 after an injury due to a fall. Since then, I have gotten back full range of motion and almost full strength. However, on Feb. 11th I tripped on a section of raised sidewalk while walking home in the dark. I fell, and just as I did when I fell originally, I attempted to break the fall with my right arm. I experienced pain identical to the original injury along with loss of strength and motion. X-rays done by Dr Randy Johnson here in Twin revealed no damage to the prosthesis placed by Dr. Humphrey. I was advised to get some physical therapy, which I just completed 3/18. The therapist released me after just 3 sessions and gave some exercises to do, his opinion being that I would be back to where I was before the fall after just a few weeks of exercises. The point of this message was the therapist's comment that he was not surprised that the prosthesis came through the fall undamaged. He praised the work of Dr Humphrey several times and was aware that the prosthesis was the doctor's own design. He said I was rehabbing at a good pace thanks to what he called "my Humphrey shoulder".

I just wanted to not only pass along the therapist's compliment but to send Dr. Humphrey my personal thanks once again for the expertise and professional care he provided, enabling my shoulder to survive the recent fall and quickly recover from it.

Thank you.

~ Dave Agusta


Dr Humphrey performed a reverse shoulder replacement on my left shoulder July 13,2021. I experienced very little pain or discomfort. The hardest thing was to not do any lifting or use my left arm to open or close doors. I am extremely happy with the way my shoulder moves without pain or grinding. The surgery was a huge success. The Dr and his staff were very helpful and informative. I highly recommend Dr Humphrey.

~ Ken F